Safety+Success Communities was founded in 2014 as a non-profit 501(c)3 socially-engaged strategic planning organization by Dominic Cappello, a continuous quality improvement specialist, and IT specialist Greg Sherrow. This was in response to epidemic levels of childhood trauma and what they viewed as a shocking lack of data-driven, cross-sector and systemic work to address the health, safety and education needs of children and families.

The co-founder’s work within the nation’s child welfare and public health systems opened their eyes to the extreme disparities between communities and, seeing the glass half full, an opportunity to promote a data-driven continuous quality improvement in all organizations serving children, youth and families.

The non-profit was developed to advocate that leadership within government, foundations, non-profit agencies and the private sector use data, rather than hunches or whims, to solve challenges that have been considered unsolvable.

We have seen how even the most complex problems can be solved with simplicity. Get the data. Make a plan.


The mission is mobilizing every community in every county so that ten key services move residents from surviving to thriving. These family-friendly communities provide ten vital resources:

  1. Affordable behavioral health care to reduce untreated mental health challenges
  2. Medical and dental care to increase health, resiliency and longevity
  3. Shelter to prevent homelessness and provide a safe place if a home became unsafe
  4. Food pantries and programs to eliminate hunger
  5. Public transport that ensures residents get to vital social services
  6. Job training to provide access to jobs with livable wages
  7. Child development programs that strengthen early learning
  8. High performing schools to give all youth a chance at success
  9. Parent supports to reduce the chance of childhood injury, trauma or maltreatment
  10. Youth mentors to provide strong role models for every boy and girl


Rather than 1000 disconnected gov’t and non-profit agencies working in silos, we work to connect-the-dots between public sector partners to ensure we all can live in seamless systems of care and safety.

Safety+Success Communities provide the frameworks, data and research to get to meaningful and measurable results. We focus a spotlight on our most vulnerable residents living in communities left behind in order to address health and social disparities.


Truth be told, the nation has the resources and tech know-how to solve our biggest problems, so all that's missing is data leadership.

Join us in using data to disrupt dysfunctional systems, replacing ineffective strategies with policies, programs and protocols shown to get to results.

Our hypothesis is that when ten vital services are made affordable and accessible, we will see decreases in a host of incredibly costly problems including: child maltreatment, emotional trauma, untreated mental health challenges, injury, illness, substance misuse, domestic violence, school drop out, homelessness and unemployment.


We envision a statewide network of leaders working across sectors, skilled in data analysis, sharing research and strategies, and overcoming community challenges with change initiatives of all sizes and scopes. We envision state, county and city lawmakers who are committed to strengthening their government’s capacity to best serve their diverse communities. We envision the technology sector engaged in design solutions focused on making family life the best user experience possible.

Quite simply, we envision safety and success for all of us.


  • Identifying where health disparities exist and ending them
  • Strengthening the capacity of every community to provide vital family-friendly services that are assessable, affordable and culturally appropriate including: health care, parent support services, early childhood programs, food, shelter, transportation, youth mentors, high performing schools and job training
  • Ensuring that every resident has easy access to behavioral health care with expertise in treating adverse childhood experiences and trauma
  • Providing all state and community agencies with a data-driven process to get to meaningful and measurable results
  • Introducing government and community agencies to technology that improves data collection and analysis, training, communication and networking



Our specialty is customizing data leadership and continuous quality improvement (CQI) training programs for managers with the goal of strengthening an agency’s capacity to set and reach goals.


We provide the expertise to map agency work flow and community capacity in order to identify challenges as well as strengths. Let us strengthen your capacity to analyze needs and set priorities.


Our planning process starts with a hypothesis—if an agency does "A", then "B" will happen. We can help prove your hypothesis by identifying a project’s goals, purpose, partnerships, activities and measurable outcomes. We can also direct you to research and evidence-based strategies shown to solve specific challenges.


Our work is all about taking data-informed, cross-sector and systemic action, moving us from ideas to implementation. We collaborate with clients to ensure that research guides a project step-by-step—supported by the latest technology.


We start with questions: How will a project produce measurable and meaningful change? To whom? And for how long? Our evaluation process brings valuable insights to inform current and future work.


We advise on the use of technology to create more effective tracking, education, communication and evaluation systems. We specialize in the design of learning management systems (LMS) that can house training, data, research and become a virtual education center for staff and communities.


For more information about getting the data, making the plan and supporting you step-by-step through the development, implementation and evaluation of innovations and change initiatives to enrich lives—please contact us.