Empower agencies and communities through continuous quality improvement
We are preventing the root causes of our most pressing health and safety challenges through a data-driven process of continuous quality improvement (CQI)—focused on strengthening families and communities. We work with child welfare, public health, education and all community agencies.

We don't just teach continuous quality improvement (CQI), but put it into practice in our work helping agencies develop well-defined strategies to ensure the health and safety of every child and family.

The magnitude of our health, safety and education challenges requires a data-driven and systemic strategy in every community. Our cross-sector strategy involves ensuring that all families have access to the following vital services:

  • Behavioral health care
  • Medical/Dental care
  • Safe housing
  • Transportation
  • Food pantries and programs
  • Parent support
  • Early childhood learning programs
  • Youth mentors
  • Family-centered schools
  • Job training programs

Our focus in on creating family-friendly, trauma-free and resilient communities in every county. Strong state and local leadership is crucial. Contact Us.

Work toward meaningful outcomes
Our strategies for promoting the health and safety of children and families is an investment in continuous quality improvement, collaboration and technology that delivers results.


USE A DATA-DRIVEN FRAMEWORK TO STRENGTHEN SERVICES Our courses, resources and consulting provides your agency with skills in assessment, planning, action and evaluation.


ENGAGE THE PUBLIC WITH STORIES THAT INSPIRE+ INFORM Our expertise in communication and technology provides you with the skills to promote public forums and generate community dialogue.


PROMOTE POLICIES THAT IMPROVE THE LIVES OF CHILDREN+FAMILIES Our courses have links to data and resources, providing you with best practices in community health and safety promotion.

PROGRAMS Get to results.


1 in 8 Children

Data Leaders for Child Welfare
1 in 8 children are substantiated as maltreated by age 18. Our groundbreaking work in child welfare with the Data Leaders for Child Welfare program demonstrates our capacity to empower the workforce through a process of continuous quality improvement. Program participants are developing change initiatives and innovations to increase positive outcomes for children and families.
Child Welfare Leaders


Resilience Leaders for Community Partners
The first of its kind in the nation, the Resilience Leaders program is a data-driven, cross-sector and systemic strategy designed to prevent the root causes of adverse childhood experiences. Our continuous quality improvement process empowers agencies and builds capacity to improve vital services for our most vulnerable populations. The results-focused program strengthens a community’s system of comprehensive care and safety.
Resilience Leaders


Longevity Leaders for Community Partners
A significant number of grandparents are actively engaged in raising their grandchildren, requiring vital family-friendly services to ensure the safety and health of intergenerational families. The Longevity Leaders program is redefining what it means to grow older and building the capacity of communities to offer vital services for all community members. Our program strengthens local social service agencies and makes every community a place to find safety and success no matter what age.
Longevity Leaders

Contact Us.

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STRATEGISTS Engage with a team approach.

Dominic Cappello – Strategist, Trainer + Project Developer Dominic focuses on systems, continuous quality improvement and data-driven decision making. He led the implementation of Data Leaders in New York City, Connecticut and New Mexico.
Katherine Ortega-Courtney, PhD – Strategic Planner + Coach Katherine’s strategic planning is informed by her work as an epidemiologist and as Bureau Chief for New Mexico Protective Services Research, Assessment and Data Bureau.
Gregory Sherrow — Technical Architect + Strategist Gregory's expertise in technological solutions comes from a background in web technology leadership in both educational and commercial enterprises.
Heather Labansat, PhD — Researcher + Coach Heather specializes in applied research and using scientific methodology to develop evidence-based practices to solve workplace and community problems.
Susan Burgess — Organizational Development Specialist Susan specializes in developing and delivering leadership development, management skills and communication. She works to build effective organizational structures.
Richard Dunks — Data Specialist, Strategist, Trainer + Coach Richard works on applying new and innovative techniques to the processing, analysis, and visualization of public data to make meaningful and positive actions with measurable impact.
Arianna Trott — Researcher + Evaluation Specialist Arianna provides research, evaluation and behavioral health expertise. She focuses on promoting social justice by addressing behavioral health disparities.
Bram Meehan — Design Consultant, Writer + Coach Bram specializes in creative direction, graphic design and the development of tools that help tell a story about challenges and solutions using data.

ACHIEVE RESULTS Aim for Excellence.


Set and achieve priorities.
Our courses provide leaders with the skills, resources and time to develop local projects focused on agency priorities. We provide an overview of the four-step continuous quality improvement (CQI) process—assessment, planning, action and evaluation— to strengthen all health and safety prevention work and the strengthening of community resources shown to empower families.


Invest in a result-focused process.
Our data-driven, cross-sector and systemic approach empowers the workforce and community. We provide resources to build capacity to identify and achieve goals. We also provide consulting services to help with every step of project development, implementation and evaluation. We tackle very complex challenges with a simple process. Get the data. Get to results.


A book that's a call to action.
Anna, Age Eight: The data-driven prevention of childhood trauma and maltreatment by Katherine Ortega Courtney, PhD and Dominic Cappello is required reading for those seeking to create trauma-free and family-friendly communities. With research showing child maltreatment is substantiated for one in eight children in the US, it's clear Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), a broader category of experiences than just maltreatment, are at an epidemic scale in our society.